Friday, January 23


Here are some basic SALES 101 skills:
  • Locate and manage your territory
  • Cold-Calling (it does work)
  • Plan and execute an end to end sales pitch
  • Understands the buyers business challenges and opportunities
  • Plan a successful meeting with prospective buyers
  • Follow the buyers sales process and what your product can do to help improve it
  • Know their competitors and their products
  • Negotiate
  • Close

Knowing the competitors selling strategies and creating a counter strategy for the buyer can be a helpful tactic in your sales pitch. You goal is to get the buyer in a place or state of mind where they can see your product as a great way to excel. If you must add a few things to the display of your product just to draw the attention of customers to your buyers shop that will build the relationship and give the buyer confidence in you.

You can always wing it with price bargaining, features, an over the top demo or with well known brand names, but with some of the points above you will be more likely to close a buyer faster and keep a relationship strong.

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