Thursday, May 6

1 2 3...Breathe...Breathe.

Yes this week my theme and topic is the art of breathing.

When I work out I have to focus on my breathing for the sake of control over the weight, my movement and my health (so I do not pass out). This is so important to any athlete while practicing or participating in his/her sport. So why should it not be that important in the building and growth of my business...

I have again taking time away from my business duties, such as blogging, creating and moving forward because I was suffocating in the here and now of that time. I started selling my cards on in 2008 and before I knew it I was making more cards then I was selling. I had a mess of material in one corner of my bedroom, driving my now fiancee' insane. At that time I didnt think she understood my desire, passion and goal in this craft... But as time went on I later found that it was me who didnt understand this business/industry. I was always told your first year you will most defineitly spend more than you make because you are building the business, but when the second year came to a close I noticed I was still doing the same thing, spending more then I made. I did craft shows, craft show promotions, joined teams, blogged with teams and FREE give-a-ways whenever and however I could, anything to get my name and product in the hands and faces of people.

So...I got myself prepared to re-focus on business.
My first step was to re-do my business plan. With the experinece(s) I have had in the previous years I knew more what I wanted, what my purpose was and how I wanted to get things done.

My second step was to focus and breathe...I began to again search my competiton and see what have they been up to. Has their style change? Are their designs still similar and/or the same as when I first enetered the industry.

My third step was to focus on where do I begin after the first 2 steps. So I organized what I already had in stock. Searched for a new craft shows to do this year (summer) and then relisted many of my best designs on This was not the end of it though. I also figured I could not just by and wait on the great creators of to market my goods to other hundrend thousands and/or millions of handmade buyers, I had to get up and go find them. There is nothing wrong with sharing buyers, because that is how business works, but sometimes you need all the focus on you when you are making the presentation. So I have again built a website and working on building that online presence. I am also still out searching for consignment shops and shoop willing to buy wholesale (which is a big long story I will pick up another day).

But through all of that I take a day or two to breathe... Sometimes I just go outside and smell the roses. I just like many of you want this with passion but if you drive yourself crazy when it comes you will not be able to enjoy it...

So BREATHE... 1 2 3 take a step back and BREATHE....