Friday, January 23

Jumpstart Sales with an ol'School approach...

Socrates taught his students to ask questions that will make others question their own assumptions. With this thought in the aspect of sales we can persuade buyers to open up, examine all consequences of their position and work with you or your sales rep to close a sale that works for both.

ie: "Mrs. Hill, I will like to discuss the products, which I mentioned in our phone conversation earlier this week. I would like to know your thoughts, so we can focus the meeting on what interests, questions or hurdles you may have."

The point is to get the buyer to tell you 'NO' before they can think of saying, 'NO'. How is this possible? Well if the buyer tells all the reasons why they think your product will not or why they can not accept your sale at the point in time, you can work with them and around any situation that comes up. Once the buyer has done that, you keep asking questions: "Tell me more..." "What would help me understand more..." "what can make this easier..."

Some inexperienced salespeople do not listen to the buyer.
Don't get impatient with the buyer, because they are stilling sizing you up. Let them talk and vent, don't just jump in with assurance that you can be better then other vendors. Inquire more on they feel on certain situations they discuss. This will help identify the buyers personal motivators and show you have remorse and care for them as well. Basically it gives you a better connection with the buyer.

Key point here is to listen to your buyer(s) with eyes and ears. Body Language speaks in volume. Keep the meeting/conversation productive while identifying what they need and want.

This is a true fact. I have not personally done this with shops, wholesaling, B&M's, but at craft shows I have exercised these tactics with people who have stopped at my booth. In return, a few shows have turned those same people into buyers through my website, with revenue in the hundreds.

Notes here were gathered from
'Sales & Marketing Management Magazine'
Article: 'Socrates Makes A Call' by DALE KLAMFOTH

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Daisy Soap Girl said...

Thanks. This is a great post. I'll use it at my farmers market this summer.