Wednesday, January 21

Keep In Sight What Matters... PART 2

A quick re-cap from Keep In Sight What Matters PART One:
We discussed the Golden Rule of Marketing, acknowledging that your website is truly a reflection of you
and the importance of it look, capability, load speed
and conversation with prospective customers and current customers...
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So your site is in shape and now you need to attract visitors... Online marketing is an extension of what you do offline. Customers become aware of the existence of your website your marketing activities like, placing your web address/URL on your business cards, mailings, email signatures, word of mouth, and advertising.

The more ways you get your web address in the face of your target audience, the more traffic your site will get. Networking with like minded business friends is an excellent idea; linking to each others websites. 'Email-a-friend' links encourages visitors to pass your site on and drives more traffic to your site. There is also affiliate marketing, in which your site appears on sites of related products/items, but you must pay them for each sale they generate. For some this may be the best way to go, but since we are looking to make this the simplest way of getting exposure I personally do not like affiliate marketing...

Search engines are the primary way people find your site. Natural search results are those which the system returns based on how popular a site is, while paid search generally refers to the ads that appear adjacent to the natural results. An idea is to ask owners of other websites (related to your business) to link to yours, as the more sites link to you the higher your site ranks with search engines. *We will get further into search engines later this week...

To know if what you are doing is a success, you should first determine what each particular action is worth to you, like What is the value of an email address versus a phone number versus and appointment or sale. On the internet you can test different methods quickly and cheaply. You can set up different landing pages on your website that will greet visitors from multiple sources. Each web page serves as a front door to your site, so the information presented needs to be relevant to the ad or site from which your visitor came from.

So basically here you what to remember first and foremost that your site is as important as a physical shop because as when a customer walks a shop they are looking to find and see what the store advertises to offer or sale. With your site (if you sold flowers) a prospect/visitor will be looking for floral themed product line, and they do not have the opportunity to talk to you directly so your site is responsible for telling them everything they want to know and when its just too much for your site to handle it must be able to provide that visitor/prospect with a way to contact you. Also, know that the web is your friend not your enemy because you can get tons of advertising without blowing holes in your pocket....

Stick around this week when we explore
Enhance your position in search engine rankings through SEO and SEM.....

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