Tuesday, January 13

Keep In Sight What Matters....

The Internet and opportunities in which to leverage your business are constantly evolving. Something like society, if you ask me. With some knowledge of the web and common business sense, you can make the Internet work for you.


Cost efficiency and scale are 2 great advantages of the web. If your business is online and primary online its open 24 hours a day whether you are there or not. It represents you to your target audience and prospects when its convenient for them-after a craft/trade show, from a business card they found stuffed down in their wallet or purse or by word of mouth. So your site should be a simple manifestation of your company, working with you, providing information and making sales.
If your website is product based, then it is every bit as important as if you had a physical store and requires the same amount of attention. If you are selling a service then your site becomes an extension of your sales force. An effective website will improve returns on all marketing activities.

A unique and innovative web design should be your goal to create a buzz, but does not have to destroy you before you can reap benefits of your business. Be realistic and practical about your sites layout so to attract and retain your customers attention.
Here's a quick checklist:
  • Is your site simple to understand and easy to navigate?
  • Whats the load time? How fast does it load?
  • Is it relevant and focused on customer information?
  • Does it provide customers an easy way to contact with you?

The information provided is a courtesy of OPEN BOOK American Express.
Stay tuned for part 2 later this week.


SleightGirl said...

Great post! I'll be checking back for part 2!

esque said...

Great tips! I have a website already, but I really need to apply some of these concepts to it!