Monday, January 26

Maximizing Your Sales...

Growing your client base and gaining new clients/accounts is the basic elemnet of sales coverage.
If you are reevaluating your sales coverage, here's a few questions and tips to consider...

  1. Are you selling to the right market?
  2. How do your customers want to do business? A recent client study shows that many prefer to do business over the phone versus a face-to-face visit. This is because of tight schedules and time taken from actual sales the buyers can be conducting during the time of a face-to-face meeting. Larger buyers prefer to have the option to meet and to buy over the phone.
  3. When to do a face-to-face sale or a sales call? Face-to-face is valuable. It allows the buyer to see and feeel the product, but if your an experienced seller then a sales call is a walk in the park.
  4. Do you have alternate channels of distribution? This is basically networking. Are there people out there that can add some of your items to their sales? For example, if a friend makes a sale of a vase, they can add a greeting card with it. This will get that buyer interested in my card designs and bring them to my site just to browse and maybe later becoming a customer. Many people I knoe do this with business card exchanging, but an actual item is so much more affective, in my opinion. This tactic is also helpful with website/URL's/ Exchanging links can help drive traffic. This works by placing someone elses URL on your site as they do the same.
  5. Is your marketing plan and sales plan the same? Your marketing plan should back-up your sales coverage. You need to create awareness to help sales indentify new leads.

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