Thursday, November 13

Guerrilla Marketing or Just Thinking Outside of the Box?

Well today as I was looking for new material for this week when I ran across a thread posted in a forum on Guerrilla Marketing by Jordan Bailey of Jordan Bailey a jewelry boutique on

Heres the post:

"Every now and then, someone in the forums recommends dropping your business cards in coffee shops or posting them on bulletin boards. This is a good idea, but it doesn't go far enough.
(First, make sure your cards have pictures of your products on them.)
Restrooms are a great place to leave your cards. Think about all the places you could be leaving your cards:
Starbucks restrooms.
Upscale restaurants.
The restrooms at the Renaissance Festival.
Museum restrooms.
Gourmet stores.
Upscale mall restrooms.

If you make products for kids, leave your cards in the restrooms at Toys R Us, and children's clothing stores. My city is having a HUGE upscale Christmas market this weekend - I'm going to be leaving my cards in all the restrooms. These people are there to SHOP! If you make jewelry, and you live in a city that gets the Intergem Gem and Jewelry show - leave your cards in the restrooms. Those shoppers are there because they want to buy jewelry.
In the dressing rooms of stores that cater to your target customer.
At the country club, if you belong, or know someone who does.
If you have the right kind of product, you might do well leaving your cards in the restrooms at sporting events. If you make something that appeals to rock fans, leave your cards in the restrooms at concerts or in clubs."

Well while most of the feedback to this post was not so great in agreement with Jordan, this small business owner appreciates and understands her idealism and thinking outside of the box-ness, if I may.

I mean as a small business owner you have to find new leads everyday and in every corner of the world. And if that lead is in the restroom, then so be it. As patron of many malls, restaurants and other upscale establishments, I am not sure if I would pick up some business card from a restroom floor or restroom in general, but I know if it had an image or information of something of interest/importance I would try to remember the contact info or website to investigate it myself later...

So I tip my hat to you Jordan Bailey and wish you lots of luck...


jordan bailey said...

Thank you for the nice post. For the record, I wasn't for a second suggesting that anyone just drop business cards on the floor, lol... a lot of restrooms have a shelf for your purse, or you could leave them in a corner by the sink, back where they won't get wet.

And I agree with you completely about having to find new leads every day. You know what they say - "If you keep on doing what you've always done, you'll keep on getting what you've always gotten." Something like that, anyway.

If you want your business to grow, you have to expand your market. Everyone and their dog has a facebook and/or myspace page now, so it's hard to stand out. My purpose with that post was to stir up discussion and see what ideas other people could come up with - I certainly stirred things up, anyway!

Your blog is great, btw - I'm bookmarking it and will be checking back!

Kala Pohl Studio said...

Thank you for stopping by my new arts & craft blog:) I will be putting your link under a new section - Business Tips? I am still tweaking it:):)