Wednesday, October 29

Holiday Business...

Well today or this week rather I have been pondering the idea of the coming Holidays...
I wondered which do I go; which way do I go...

I started filling my boutique with Holiday Cards back in July and have done many if not plenty of promotional sale ideas that to this day still have not panned out in my favor. I did Christmas in July, BUY 2 get 2 and more... Well we are just a few days to Halloween (which I have had no success) and getting closer to Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, Christmas and Kwanzaa. I have many Holiday Cards in both my boutiques Handcrafted by LaMar and Handcrafted by LaMar (ETSY).

I have tried my hand at consignment deals and local shops in the area, so this Holiday Season I think I am gonna try again as one way to generate revenue. Social Networks are great tools but many times if the members are not active then you get nowhere as fast as you got there. Advertising is key! This is something I am familiar with and know from working in the fashion industry for a little over 3 years, but money, not only the root of all evil but the power to make things happen, is not in my corner.

My company has had a wonderful year and great exposure but the mechanics or internal management was tough. I have spent plenty on material and show pieces just to get the traffic and sales I have today, but if I knew what I knew now I think I would up more then I am today.

My point here is, with the coming Holidays rushing in and the economy slumping low,
What are you doing to improve or keep your business afloat?
What can you change?
Have you even thought of a plan?

Share with us and let us know... Many of us are always open to new ideas and forms of growing our business.


Lucky Girl said...

I'd love to finish reading this post, but the music player thingie blocks out a chunk of it.

Bag Lady Bags said...

Good article! I enjoyed it.