Wednesday, November 11

Whats new in business?

I just want to open the floor to hear from everyone out there.
I would like to what have you been up to?
If you have a business, how has it survived the financial crisis we are climbing out of?
What new things have you done to improve your business?
What could and should we focus on?
Where is your shop located? Are you using multiple venues?


Nyblaque said...

Hi There Lamar- how are you,

Well what have I ben up too? Well, to answer your 2nd & 3rd question, for me running my Etsy shop in this economy I have run into many snags.. my jewelry slowed down greatly so I revamped my shop into an emporium to stay afloat at least. I sell my bead destah, some paper goods and jewelry all under one shop to keep costs low.

For ex, I make peacock feather earrings which are my current best sellers- when those sales slowed down, I started selling just the feather stem is small sets- and boom!! business picked up again esp for weddings.

I also participate in a charity event one because it is somethingvery close to me and two because its two fold but giving a little of the proceeds to the fund you also get your work out there to which can help bring in new business and also help you raise funds for your cause.

Focus on what works and don't beat a dead horse to death. If you hard to promote on venue shop abut not working on the other whether you pay a fee or not- it's a waste a time IMHO. Or if you are at a site or venue with great views and exposure and you are promoting you butt of and still no sales- esp after a some business consulting advice to see where your strengths/weaknesses are..adn improve it..if it stil doesn't work ..find a new niche..if it stil doesn't work..Let it go, dust off and try something else.

My shop is I am not using another venue yet but Iwas thinking of 1000 Markets or Winkelf

Thank for the great post, i hope you get more comments


La-Mar said...

Hy Ny long time no hear...
So great to know you are still out there and doing well. I wish you much more success in business...