Monday, April 13

Using a BUZZ to build on...

We all know the best way to get ahead is to get people talking and inquiring about our wares. This is the best way to get more business and exposure.

Well heres a bit of info to think about. Big businesses/companies do the same thing but for different reasons then many of us. These companies set up blogs, boards or communitys to help them understand the people/buyer, see what they like and how they could ultimately improve their product(s).

Boards/communities are started to get people talking about the latest product. Questions and thoughts like:
  • What are your thoughts on this product?
  • What should the theme, color, shape and full picture should/should've been?
  • What would have made the product better?
  • What made you buy it or what will make you buy it?


Many us sell our wares on sites where feedback of our service, communication and end product can be left. But I noticed that many times the feedback is just praise and glory. Nothing wrong with that at all! But wouldn't you like to know what they truly thought? Like if maybe, for example, I sell cards so if the buyer or anyone else for that matter thought the birthday card would be nice or better as an all occasion card. Maybe they felt the colors could be differnt. Maybe not a flower bug a beetle...How much they would and wouldn't pay for that type of card.

There are just so many questions I have alone! A focous group or community would be so helpful in growing ones business and improving ones products for future sales.

This was just a thought but a deep one we should consider...

Look for the Handcrafted by LaMar Community blog coming soon where buyers can share thoughts of coming card designs and alreay available designs.

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