Thursday, April 9

Getting Back to Basics...Pt2

So, as I always do when I feel I am not doing enough I made my list of prioritys.
I looked at it over and over and over and said why is it that if I know what should be done and needs to be done why are we not going further?

My mother though helped my regain focous. One day on the phone while discussing how business was she said, "Remember you only started selling your cards a year ago. It takes many businesses years to see any growth and profit." Right then I realized she was right and I was too caught up in the fact that I had a 100 sales online in one year, my #1 goal for 2008 by the way, and I had just got a new site up,
Handcrafted by LaMar , which seemed to be getting great hits.

So again I drew up another plan, but this time this plan was like I was starting from scratch just with more insight. After all the post I did here trying to help and share with others the things I learned and was learning, I took some of my own advice, tips and tricks to make them work for me.

I did a paid search ad with MSN, and for 2 months straight I pulled in over 2000 hits each month. I finally got a budget down right and have been on it to the teeth. I booked shows early for this year so I could have more time to create and dress my table, appearance is everything. I started to recycle more, for example, I have tons of scrap paper and found ways to make cards out it with fresh new looks. I also went back to the drawing the board and recreated some old designs and certainly made new ones too.

So this year look for great new post and tons of myself on this blog. When I say myself I mean all the experiances from the topics I shared with you... I hope to see you around.

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