Monday, January 12

Marketing and Advertising Online 2009

This year it is more important to get your products and services seen and heard...
Online Marketing/Advertising creates opportunities that allow you to reach new customers.

With new tools emerging everyday on the web for user interaction, business owners can no longer afford to sit to the side when it comes to marketing their products and services via the web.

The online world assists, aides and compliments existing practices; it doesn't make them obsolete. Though it can be overwhelming at times, because of the lack of technical expertise, cash flow, time and the millions of other businesses with money already out there competing for the attention of consumers, this month we will explore multiple avenues we can use to promote, market and advertise our products/services at our maximum potential via the web.

So stay tuned this month for post like:
  1. Keep your Sights on What Matters (a 2 part series pertaining to 'The Golden Rule of Online Marketing' and 'How to Attract Visitors and the Measure of Success')
  2. Search Engine Marketing
  3. Social Networking WEB 2.0 (Blogging, Social Networks and more...)
  4. Web Stats/Analytics (Hits, Views and more...)
  5. The Wrap Up... (The Future)

Please if there are things you would like to add to any post or topic or if there are topics I did not mention or touch that are important to you email us at and I will be sure to review it and post it...

Remember this blog and information is for you and those like you, the small to smaller business owner, and those inspiring to become business owners. All information on this blog is gathered from multiple resources (magazines, webinars, seminars, newspapers, e-zines and business associates) and from the experience gained in the few years of business with La-Mar Lynch.

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