Wednesday, December 3

Holiday SALES?

Well the Holidays are officially here!
BLACK Friday has come and gone...
CYBER Monday has rode away...

So now whats next?
With the economy still folding down upon its knees what do WE the small guys do now?

I have read and seen so much ups and downs that can mean great things for some and even worse things for others. With all the major layoffs from the big companies out there, a report was out that many people have resorted back to the days of AVON, Tupperware and even handcrafting their owns goods for sale. In the beginning of this economic down fall I read some where that many big wig companies out there now have made great gains during down times like this. I think it all depends on how you are getting out there.

You have to think like this:
  • Big companies have BIG expenses, salaries and overhead
  • The little guys (us) are more down to earth, budget wise, and can work with prices that will make retailers and consumers happy and in control of their money
  • With BIG bills comes BIG prices that small businesses and retailers cant afford and, poof, enter the real little guys (us)
  • Patience is the key to winning the race, who says slow and steady doesn't make it last longer?

So if you did not get the HOLIDAY SALES you were looking for, don't be upset, but be determined to make 2009 your year! There is gonna be lots of space for us to grow...

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Cyber_Hippie said...

Absolutely! Some people would call it crazy, but I'm making my little business official during this downturn. Something told me it was time, and I've heard that persistence can, indeed, pay off. An economic downturn gives us little guys time to learn more about our customer base, about our goals and vision for our venture, and time to perfect our techniques.

Good luck to you, Lamar! I love your cards!

Jen Moore