Monday, December 15

Falling Retail Sales...Is there any HOPE in the horizion?

Retail sales for the 5th straight month declined in November, as people grew more worried of losing their jobs and the market continuing to tumble. The Commerce Dept said that reatil sales fell 1.8% from October.

A report in November showed gains that may have been a result of retailers giving deep discounts and the fact that Thanksgiving fell closer to the end of the month sparking more sales for Black Friday. Sales in elcetronics rose 2.8%, as did sporting goods, books and music stores. Clothing , furniture and restaurants also notched a few gains.

Also with the price drop of gas, consumers have a bit more to spend while struggling to survive this economic crisis.

The above facts of from the New York Times Saturday Edition (Dec, 2008).

This is important for us to know because our products may need to be adjusted. Because we are designs, manufacturers, though many do not mass produce, you produce goods that can and will be used by the public (consumer) and knowing where and what your customer is doing and going through is important to know so you are pushed to the side as a luxury that just cant be afforded at this time.

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