Saturday, October 11

Publishers Post

One of the most important things I've learned in my short few years of business is,
"Knowledge is the most powerful tool one can have when running a business..."
With that I researched all I could. I made a 'business plan' and contacted people in business that could shed a bit of light on many obstacles I seen coming at me.

The thing is that everyday the world changes and everyday something new happens that affects the way one does business. So I felt the nedd to by the middle be the be something like a translator.
I put this blog together to help each other-you, me and others like us who have small businesses.
This blog is to share ideas and tips on advertising, selling, marketing and more...
I myself do greeting cards, Handcraftedby LaMar and also a small spot on and do Craft Shows in the New York State area and feel there is a lot to share when it comes to business. Tricks I have never heard and seen as well as tips and ideas you have never seen or heard. I hope you all enjoy this blog. Support this blog. Share and inspire this blog...